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First Moveable Guitar Chords: Free Video Lessons

Click here to order your copy of First Moveable Guitar Chords, and check out the free videos below!

First Moveable Guitar Chords is for the guitarist who is ready to learn moveable guitar chords and play chords all over the fretboard. This is a fairly short book that explores eight moveable chord shapes: two major chord shapes, two minor shapes, two dominant 7 chord shapes, and two power chord shapes.

If you are interested in moveable guitar chords, you may also want to check out Rhythm Guitar 3, which takes a deep dive into moveable chords. If you are interested in jazz and blues, check out Three-Note Jazz Guitar Chords.

If you want learn to read and play melodies in standard music notation, check out my Melody Guitar books.

Click here for a list of my other videos, which include easy guitar arrangements, technique lessons, chords, scales, and more.

First Moveable Guitar Chords Videos

Lesson 1: Chords Overview (page 4)
An overview of the eight chord shapes you'll learn in this book.

Lesson 2: Notes on Strings 5 and 6 (pages 5-6)
Learn how to find root notes on the 5th and 6th strings so you know where to place your moveable chord shapes.

Lesson 3: Major Shapes (page 7)
Learn how to use the two moveable major chord shapes in this book and put them to use in a chord-finder exercise. After that, you'll play these major shapes in two versions of a simple song, Hush, Little Baby.

Lesson 4: Major Exercises (page 8)

Three exercises for practicing the two moveable major shapes you learned on page 7.

Lesson 5: Major Chord Songs (page 9)

The songs in this lesson do not include hints for where to place your chords. I'll walk you through my process, but the decision about where to place your chords on the neck is up to you.

Lesson 6: Note Finding Drills (page 10)

Three new drills to help you find your root notes more quickly.

Lesson 7: Minor Shapes (page 11)

Learn to moveable minor chord shapes and combine them with major chords in two versions of Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho.

Lesson 8: Major and Minor Chord Drills (page 12)

Four drills that combine moveable major and minor chord shapes.

Lesson 9: Molly Malone, All the Pretty Little Horses (page 13)

Two new lead sheets for moveable major and minor chord practice.

1st Move Book Vids
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