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Getting Started

Here's what you'll need to get started with online guitar lessons.

  • An acoustic or electric guitar, guitar picks, and a tuner, which can either be a clip-on such as a Snark or a smartphone app such as Guitar Tuna. If you have an electric guitar, you will also need an amp.

  • At least fifteen minutes a day for practice time if you're a beginner.

  • A reliable Internet connection and Zoom. If you don't have Zoom, you can get it here.

  • After you sign up and pay for your first lesson, I will send you free PDFs of some of my books, plus a few other freebies to get you started, including chord charts, strumming/fingerpicking patterns or whatever else seems appropriate.

  • Although not required, I highly recommend getting a guitar strap and a music stand.

Getting Started: Welcome
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