Melody Guitar Book 2: Free Video Lessons

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Melody Guitar Books 1-4 focus on learning to read and play melody lines in standard music notation. Melody Guitar 1 starts you off learning notes on the first three strings and music reading basics. Melody Guitar 2 picks up where Melody Guitar 1 leaves off. You should start with Melody Guitar 1 if you're a new guitarist or if you're just getting into reading standard notation. It's a short book, and it's free! Click here to download Melody Guitar 1 and watch the videos.


In Melody Guitar Book 2, you'll learn to read and play notes on strings 4-6 in first position while the melodies gradually become more challenging. You'll also learn how to play minor pentatonic scales, blues scales, and the chromatic scale. Melody Guitar 3 continues where Melody Guitar 2 leaves off, with increasingly complex melodies. Melody Guitar 4 teaches you to read and play melodies all over the fretboard.

If you're just getting started on guitar, you should also check out my Rhythm Guitar series, which focuses on chords, strumming, and fingerstyle patterns.

Click here for a list of my other videos, which include easy guitar arrangements, technique lessons, chords, scales, and more.

Melody Guitar 2 Videos

Lesson 1: Intro, 1st Space F, Common Time (pages 3-4)
Learn to read and play the 1st space F on the 4th string, review the notes you learned in Melody Guitar 1, review the warm-up from the end of Melody Guitar 1, and learn about Common Time.

Lesson 2: 1st Line E (page 5)
Learn to read and play the 1st line E on the 4th string, and review the notes you've learned so far.

Lesson 3: 2/4 Time (page 6)
Learn to count and play in 2/4 time.

Lesson 4: 8th Notes (pages 7-8)
Learn to count and play 8th notes with alternate picking.

Lesson 5: 8th Note Drills (page 9)

Single note 8th note drills to nail down your rhythmic subdivision and feel.

Lesson 6: 8th Note Melodies (page 10)

Now that you've learned to play and count 8th notes, it's time to add them into your melody playing.

Lesson 7: More 8th Note Melodies (page 11)

More 8th note melody practice.

Lesson 8: 4th String D (pages 11-12)

Learn to read and play the 4th string D below the staff. Includes a new Speed Booster and an Octave Etude for string skipping practice.

Lesson 9: 4th String D Melodies (page 13)

Three melodies that include your new 4th string D note.