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Free Downloads

Lots of freebies here, including manuscript paper, tips and reference materials, solo guitar arrangements, and lessons correlating with YouTube videos.

Manuscript Paper (Standard Notation and TAB)

Single Line

Grand Staff (for Piano)


TAB + Blank Music Staff

Tips and Reference Materials

1st Moveable Guitar Chords Booklet

Click here for the free video lessons.

1st Position Notes

Arpeggio Diagrams: Triads

Click here for a free video lesson

Arpeggio Diagrams: 7th Chords

Click here for a free video lesson

Capo Transposition Chart

Click here for a free video demonstration

Circle of 5ths

Extending Shell Voicings

Click here for a free video lesson

Gear Checklist for Small Gigs

Guitar Scales

Guitar Tips

Learning the Fretboard

Music Reading Basics

Music Theory Roadmap

Music Theory Roadmap Video

Open Guitar Chords

Rhythm Guitar Reference

Shell Voicings

Free Solo Guitar Arrangements

Happy Birthday

House of the Rising Sun Lead Sheet

House of the Rising Sun: Easy Solo Arrangement

Lonesome Valley

Sakura Sakura

Free Lessons

3 Beginning Guitar Warmups

Free Video Lesson

Add Moving Bass to Swing Chords

Free Video Lesson

Color Chords

Free Video Lesson

Comparing Scales and Modes

Free Video Lesson

Double Stops (Harmonizing Major Scales in 3rds, 6ths, and 10ths)

Finding Roots and 5th in Moveable Chords

Free Video Lesson

Finger Independence

Five Ways to Play an A Major Chord

Free Video Lesson

Harmonized Scales Lesson

Learn to Harmonize Major Scales using 7th chords and Major 6 chords.

5th String "A" Shapes Video

5th String "C" Shapes Video

4th String "D" Shapes Video

5th String "E" Shapes Video

How to Learn Jazz Chords

Free Video Lesson

How to Read TAB

Free Video Lesson

Morning Has Broken Arranging

A useful arranging exercise – adding bass underneath a melody

Octave Patterns on the Guitar

Power Chord Introduction

Free Video Lesson

Root vs Tonic

Stairway to Heaven Minor Line Cliché

Free Video Lesson

Triads Lesson (Defining Triads, Playing and Practicing Triads, and Using Triads to Improve Your Improvisation)

This document is 22 pages and includes links to four supporting videos so you can see demonstrations of all the playing exercises.

Triads 1: What Is a Triad?

Triads 2: How to Play Triads on the Guitar

Triads 3: How to Practice Triads on the Guitar

Triads 4: Use Triads to Practice Hitting Target Notes

Twinkle Twinkle Variations

Ten variations on the first four measures of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star"  to give you some ideas for different ways to treat melodies in your solo guitar arrangements.

Manuscript Pape
Tips and Reference
Free Arrangements
YouTube Lessons
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