Free Downloads

Guitar Tips

For guitarists of any level. Includes tips for effective practicing, memorizing, preparing for performance, managing stage fright, singing and playing at the same time, and more.

Rhythm Guitar Reference

Useful information for both beginners and more advanced students. The Rhythm Guitar Reference explains how to read a chord diagram, includes charts for open chords and moveable chords, shows 60 strumming and fingerpicking patterns, and offers a quick introduction to the CAGED chord system.

How to Read  Scale Chart

Explains how to read a scale chart and learn to play any scale. From page 52 of the Godfrey Guitar System.

Music Reading Basics


You won't instantly be able read music after you read this, but it's a good reference to have on hand as you learn more about music. Includes notes of the treble clef staff, rhythm basics, a chart of all the notes up to the 12th fret, the Circle of Fifths, and more.

Open Chord Diagrams

Keep this free page of chord diagrams on hand when learning songs.

1st Position Notes


Guitar notes from low E to A above the staff, frets 1-5.