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Rhythm Guitar Book 3: Free Video Lessons

Click here to order your copy of Rhythm Guitar 3, and check out the free videos below!

Rhythm Guitar 3 takes a deep dive into moveable chords. This is essentially a giant chord workbook in which you learn moveable chords that you can use in your own music. If you have completed Rhythm Guitar 2, you are ready for this book. If you find this to be too much information at once, you may want to check out First Moveable Guitar Chords, which is like a light version of Rhythm Guitar 3, and if you are interested in jazz and blues, check out Three-Note Jazz Guitar Chords.

My Rhythm Guitar books focus on chords. If you want to learn to read and play melody lines in standard notation, please check out my Melody Guitar books.

Click here for a list of my other videos, which include easy guitar arrangements, technique lessons, chords, scales, and more.

Rhythm Guitar 3 Videos

Lesson 1: Notes on the Fretboard (pages 3-7)
In this first lesson, you'll learn the notes on the fretboard. This is essential for learning how to play moveable chords. If you already know the notes on the fretboard, you can skip to page 8.

Lesson 2: Moveable Power Chords (pages 8-10)

This lesson introduces moveable power chords and includes four power chord exercises.

Lesson 3: More Power Chord Exercises (page 11)

Two power chord exercises in which you'll switch between 5th and 6th string roots.

Lesson 4: CAGED Overview (pages 12-14)

An overview of the CAGED system. This is not a comprehensive CAGED lesson, but it will help you understand where the chords in Rhythm Guitar 3 are coming from.

Lesson 5: E Major Shape and Exercises (pages 15-16)

This lesson introduces the moveable E major shape in includes three playing exercises.

Rhythm 3 Vids
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