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Melody Guitar Book 3: Free Video Lessons

Click here to order your copy of Melody Guitar 3, and check out the free videos below!

Melody Guitar Books 1-4 focus on learning to read and play melody lines in standard music notation. Melody Guitar 1 starts you off learning notes on the first three strings and music reading basics, and Melody Guitar 2 covers strings 4-6. Melody Guitar 3 builds on Melody Guitar Books 1 and 2. Rather than learning any new notes, you'll learn melodies that increasingly challenge your skills, several scale forms, new time signatures, rhythms, and more.


You should start with Melody Guitar 1 if you're a new guitarist or if you're just getting into reading standard notation. It's a short book, and it's free! Click here to download Melody Guitar 1 and watch the videos.

If you're just getting started on guitar, you should also check out my Rhythm Guitar series, which focuses on chords, strumming, and fingerstyle patterns.

Click here for a list of my other videos, which include easy guitar arrangements, technique lessons, chords, scales, and more.

Melody Guitar 3 Videos

Lesson 1: Hammer-Ons (pages 3-4)
After a quick review, covering scales and warm-ups you learned in Melody Guitar 1 and 2, you'll learn the hammer-on technique.

Lesson 2: Hammer-On Melodies (page 5)

Two new melodies that include the hammer-on technique you learned on pages 3 and 4.

Lesson 3: More Hammer-On Melodies (page 6)

Two more melodies that include hammer-ons. In one of the melodies, you'll hammer from one fingered note to another fingered note.

Lesson 4: Duet (page 7)

The Guitar 1 part of this duet includes hammer-ons.

Lesson 5: Pull-Offs (pages 8-9)

Learn the pull-off technique and how to apply it to the E minor pentatonic scale.

Lesson 6: Melodies with Pull-Offs (pages 9-10)

Two melodies that incorporate pull-offs.

Lesson 7: More Melodies with Pull-Offs (page 10)

Two more melodies to improve your pull-off technique: Long Long Ago, and a Hungarian Folk Song.

Lesson 8: Pull-Offs with Two Fingers (page 11)

A new exercise to add to your warm-up routine for a few weeks. This will prepare you to play pull-offs from one fretted note to another fretted note instead of to an open string.

Lesson 9: Home on the Range (page 12)

This new melody includes both hammer-ons and pull-offs.

Lesson 10: The Mermaid Song, My Luve Is Like a Red, Red Rose (page 13)

These two melodies include hammer-ons and pull-offs. You have the option to play "My Luve" in 2nd position.

Lesson 11: Little Minka, Écossaise (page 14)

These two melodies, both of which include hammer-ons and pull-offs, are more challenging than the melodies you've played so far in this book.

Lesson 12: Playing in 2nd Position (page 15)

Until now, the melodies in this book have been in 1st position, meaning that the 1st finger is placed at the 1st fret. The new melody in this lesson, "The Ash Grove," has you playing in 2nd position, with your first finger at the 2nd fret.

Lesson 13: Two More Chromatic Scale Forms (pages 16-17)

Learn two more chromatic scale forms in addition to the one you already know and add them to your warm-up routine.

Lesson 14: Key Signatures (pages 17-19)

Learn the row of sharps, the row of flats, and how to quickly identify major key signatures.

Lesson 15: Melodies with Key Signatures (pages 19-20)

Two new melodies with key signatures. "Early One Morning" has one flat. "The Red Light Saloon" has two sharps.

Lesson 16: Minuet Duet (page 21)

The duet in the lesson has an F# in the key signature.

Lesson 17: Scherzando Duet (page 22)

The final duet in this section of Melody Guitar 3 is in C major.

Lesson 18: 8th Note Triplets (pages 23-24)

Introducing the 8th note triplet rhythm.

Lesson 19: C Major Scale Triplet Etude (page 25)

This exercise used the C major scale to practice the 8th note triplet rhythm you learned on pages 23 and 24. This would be a good exercise to include in your warmup for 2-3 weeks.

Lesson 20: English Folk Song and The Lark in the Clear Air (page 26)

The new melodies on this page include 8th note triplets.

Lesson 21: Wedding March and She Moved Through the Fair (page 27)

Two new melodies with 8th note triplets.

Lesson 22: Shalom and All Through the Night (page 28)

Two more 8th note triplet melodies to wrap up this chapter of Melody Guitar 3.

Lesson 23: Five Minor Pentatonic Scale Forms (pages 29-30)

Learn five ways to play a moveable minor pentatonic scale. You already learned one of these forms in Melody Guitar Book 2. You'll also learn to name the notes on strings 4, 5, and 6 up to the 12th fret so you can name your starting note for any of these scale forms.

Lesson 24: 5 Blues Scale Forms • Warmup Update (pages 31-32)

Learn five ways to play a blues scale. You already learned one of these forms at the end of Melody Guitar 2. Having learned several new scale forms in the last few pages, it's time to update your warm-up routine.

Lesson 25: 3/8, 6/8, and 9/8 Time (pages 32-33)

In this new set of time signatures, the 8th note is counted as the beat.

Melody 3 Vids
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