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Music Is for Everyone

You don't have to be a star to enjoy playing an instrument. I have a young ukulele student I'll call Carl. Carl has been taking ukulele lessons for about two years now. He learns differently. He spent the first three or four months learning how to strum properly, and he could only play three chords – slowly!

Carl eventually got comfortable with strumming, and then he started adding more chords to his repertoire. After about 18 months into lessons, we were finally able to work on strumming patterns, and now he is beginning to tackle note reading and melody playing.

Most of my ukulele students would have started reading music much earlier, but that doesn't matter. These are private lessons, so Carl can learn at his own pace. Carl is proud of how far he's come, and so am I. His parents are thrilled with what he has learned.

Students like Carl make me a better teacher. Not every student is going to be a virtuoso, but music is for everyone, not just the stars.

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